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Why Uniforms?

Step By Step Christian School is dedicated to providing high quality Christian education to all our students. Our curriculum, programs, and activities are designed to build our students' character, cultivate their faith, and prepare them to become successful, independent thinkers who make a positive impact in their communities. We believe that uniforms create a sense of unity and equality among our students, while giving them the freedom to focus on their studies and character development without the distraction of appearance.

Where can I buy uniforms?

Below are links to uniform guidelines and sites where you can buy your students' uniforms!

Uniform Examples

preschool girl uniform photo example

Preschool Girl

Preschool Boy

preschool boy uniform photo example
kindergarten boy uniform photo example

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade 

Kindergarten - 2nd Grade 

kindergarten girl uniform photo example
elementary boy uniform photo example

3-5th Grade

3-5th Grade

elementary girl uniform photo example
middle school boy uniform photo example

Junior High Boy

Junior High Girl

middle school girl uniform photo example
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