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Our Story

Born from devotion and love.

Susanne and Jerry Green started Step by Step Christian School in 1982 to protect and foster high-quality education and growth for a true blessing from God: their child. They founded Step by Step knowing that every child was a gift and deserved an education that cultivates faith, respect, integrity, and fidelity in principle.

Susanne partnered with her sister, Nancy Davis, to start Step by Step. Using her experience as an early childhood educator, Nancy helped Susanne create the Step by Step curriculum founded on growing students academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.   

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Since its founding, Step by Step has continued to be run by three generations of sisters. The directors of the school believe so much in the mission and values of Step by Step that Susanne Green’s great great grandchildren continue to attend, learn, and grow at Step by Step. The faculty and administration continue to be inspired by Susanne’s original dream of creating a welcoming space for children to grow into kind, knowledgeable, and loving servants of the Lord. 

With 40 years of experience in growing faithful Christian leaders, Step by Step faculty and staff go to the classrooms every day devoted to the education of their students – just as much as their own families.  

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