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Elementary (K-5)

Our well-rounded kindergarten and elementary program is designed to benefit many different types of students. The program meets students where they are, instead of demanding the opposite. The customized approach to education allows students of all levels to learn and gain confidence in their skills and success.

The curriculum is founded in the Abeka curriculum, supplemented with enriched material and Bob Jones teachings.



Reading and Language Arts 

  • Phonics, reading, language, vocabulary, poetry

  • Writing, reading comprehension, composition, grammar and spelling

  • Creative writing and reading

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Personal Development

kindergarten class photo
  • Character building in defining and applying Biblical lessons in obedience, honesty, kindness, and other Christian-based values

  • Applying scripture-based learning for personal development and growth

  • Foster positive social interaction through sharing, group interactions, and presentations

  • Listening skills

  • Following rules and practicing obedience for personal safety and safety of others

  • Manners and etiquette



Emotional Intelligence

  • Understanding and naming emotions

  • Practicing respect and peer-to-peer conversations

  • Interacting with kindness with others and practicing Christian values in daily life

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Health & Hygiene

student at PE photo
  • Health, safety, hygiene, introduction to human anatomy

  • Motor skills development and physical education

  • Physical activities and recess



Christian Training

  • Memory work, doctrinal drill, and prayer time

  • Biblical lessons and life of Christ

  • Reading and understanding the Bible and its lessons

  • Singing hymns and choruses

middle school Bible class photo
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