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In every child’s development, there are windows of opportunity during which it is easiest for a child to learn certain concepts. Step By Step Christian School trains students in the following areas, at an age-appropriate level, taking full advantage of these learning windows. Through our hands-on curriculum, students are encouraged to have fun and find true joy in everything they learn.



Reading & Language Arts Readiness

  • Acquire vocabulary related to concepts being presented

  • Focus attention on speaker without interruption

  • Communicate in complete sentences

  • Respond to storytelling or oral reading by telling what the story is about, recalling facts & details, & relating the sequence of events

  • Repeat poems

  • Present finger plays

  • Recognize and name shapes & colors

  • Learn the phonetic sound of the letters

  • Be introduced to beginning sounds

  • Blending of letter sounds

  • Become aware of speech sounds and patterns through rhymes, poems, songs, & finger plays

  • Learn basic language concepts such as Same & Different, Opposites, Go-Togethers, What’s Missing?, Rhyming, Sequencing, & Categorizing

  • Print preferred name

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  • Follow school & classroom rules

  • Develop appropriate independent & group behavior

  • Respect rights, property & feelings of others

  • Complete assigned tasks

  • Observe safety rules



Personal Development

  • Follow school & classroom rules

  • Develop appropriate independent & group behavior

  • Respect rights, property & feelings of others

  • Maintain clean environment

  • Use time constructively

  • Be responsible for care of materials

  • Discuss ways people can help each other

  • Know and discuss rules of safety at home & school

  • Learn social skills appropriate to group behavior

  • Demonstrate awareness of self in terms of name, age & gender

  • Learn to make choices and decisions

  • Learn proper social relationships (sharing, respect, good manners)

  • Build a feeling of self-confidence as a result of learning skills and earning praise

  • Develop socially by relating to others

  • Learn about community helpers

  • Observe safety rules

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Health & Hygiene

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  • Hand washing

  • Oral Hygiene

  • Eating Healthy

  • Safety

  • Familiarity with the doctor’s office and basic well-child practices (immunizations, hearing & vision testing, etc.)

  • Correct & sanitary bathroom procedures



Christian Training

  • To know God & be known by Him

  • To love God and be loved by Him

  • To serve God & His creation

  • Begin each day in His presence

  • Have prayer as part of daily activity

  • Daily non-denominational Bible stories

  • Apply the Bible’s lessons to life, using it as a tool to tell right from wrong

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