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My SBS Story

Stephanie H. Post
August 28, 2011
I only had the privilege to attend Step By Step for 2 years. While attending public school from K-7, I was an above average student in most subjects, yet I struggled in math. I came to SBS in my 8th grade year. I quickly became aware that the students at Step By Step were far more advance than I was. The small class size gave the teacher time to work with me individually. In a few short months, I felt like I was learning more than I had in years of public schooling. My family and I chose to stay at Step By Step for another 8th grade year in order to give myself a good foundation for high school and beyond. I am so grateful for the staff and teachers who helped me along the way, the Word and values they instilled in my heart, and the great friends I made while attending.
Jade G. Post
August 3, 2011
Growing up at Step By Step was the biggest blessing that the Lord could have possibly given me. The education gave me a jump start in high school. The friends have not only held my hand along the journey at Step By Step, but they have helped me after we have separated and still influence my life today. Of course the most important gift was that Step By Step cherishes the Word and instills it in the hearts of all of the students.
David H. Post
August 2, 2011
Step By Step gave me a wonderful head start in life when I was a kid, and even today that makes all the difference.
Laurel Grace W. Post
August 2, 2011
We are thankful to have five of our children enrolled at Step By Step. We highly value the consistency of Biblical principles taught at church, home and school. Since our children master concepts at different speeds, Step By Step has faithfully tailored our children's class work to assure its mastery before the child is promoted to the next level. Our children are learning respect for authority as well as love and patriotism for our country.
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