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In every child's development, there are windows of opportunity during which it is easiest for a child to learn certain concepts.  It is our goal at Step By Step Christian School to train our students in the following areas, at an age appropriate level, taking full advantage of these learning windows:

 Citizenship &Personal Development:

         Follow school & classroom rules

         Develop appropriate independent & group behavior

         Respect rights, property & feelings of others

         Complete assigned tasks

         Maintain clean environment

         Use time constructively

         Be responsible for care of materials

         Observe safety rules

Reading & Language Arts Readiness:

         Acquire vocabulary related to concepts being presented

         Focus attention on speaker without interruption

         Communicate in complete sentences

         Respond to storytelling or oral reading by telling what the story is about, recalling facts & details, & relating the sequence of events

         Repeat poems

         Present finger plays

         Recognize and name shapes & colors

         Learn the phonetic sound of the letters

         Be introduced to beginning sounds

         Blending of letter sounds

         Become aware of speech sounds and patterns through rhymes, poems, songs, & finger plays

         Learn basic language concepts such as Same & Different, Opposites, Go-Togethers, What's Missing?, Rhyming, Sequencing, & Categorizing

         Print preferred name

Mathematical Concepts & Readiness:

         Count orally to 40 and above

         Recognize number to ten and above

         Orally identify the number of objects in a group

         Match objects with a one-one correspondence

         Use manipulative objects to reinforce concepts

         Recognize the empty set concept of zero

         Understand the concept of more and less

         Use vocabulary to compare objects (taller/shorter, heavier/lighter, long, longer, longest, etc.)

         Repeat a simple pattern using objects

Social Studies:

         Know terms related to direction & location such as up & down, near & far, & above & below

         Demonstrate awareness of self in terms of name, age & gender

         Learn to make choices and decisions

         Study holidays & special events

         Discuss ways people can help each other

         Know and discuss rules of safety at home & school

         Learn social skills appropriate to group behavior

         Know and observe rules of the home, classroom & school

         Discuss the family unit

         Learn proper social relationships (sharing, respect, good manners)

         Build a feeling of self-confidence as a result of learning skills and earning praise

         Develop socially by relating to others

         Learn about community helpers

         Study types of transportation


         Hand washing

         Oral Hygiene

         Eating Healthy


         Familiarity with the doctor's office and basic well-child practices (immunizations, hearing & vision testing, etc.)

         Correct & sanitary bathroom procedures


         Name the seasons

         Study the five senses (smell, touch, taste, sight, & sound)

         Identify body parts

         Observe cooking techniques (portions of ingredients, mixing, spreading, & cooking)

         Observe magnets

         Learn about animals, their families, & their habitats

         Observe weather daily

         Study things that sink & float

         Distinguish between solids & liquids


         Sing songs for fun

         Learn chapel songs

         Hear music for quiet listening

         Hear music that tells a story

         Respond to music through moving and playing (dancing, simple rhythm games, melody instruments)

Physical Skills:

         Acquire fundamental movement skills (walking, running, hopping, skipping, galloping, bending & stretching, jumping, etc.)

         Acquire manipulative skills (working with bean bags, large balls, long ropes, etc.)

         Participate in co-operative games

         Develop & practice good sportsmanship

         Acquire skills relating to games & sports (starting, stopping, dodging, throwing, catching, kicking, fair play, taking turns)

         Learn rules for safe play

         Develop gross motor skills (creeping, crawling, rolling, & balancing)

         Develop eye-hand & eye-foot coordination


         Participate and enjoy art activities

         Care for art materials

         Provide opportunities to discover line, color, shape, & texture by seeing & feeling objects

         Use scissors

         Use of crayons, markers, & paints

         Playdough sculptures

         Build self-esteem through successful completion of both arts and crafts

Christian Training:

         To know God & be known by Him

         To love God and be loved by Him

         To serve God & His creation

         Begin each day in His presence

         Have prayer as part of daily activity

         Daily non-denominational Bible stories

         Apply the Bible's lessons to life, using it as a tool to tell right from wrong

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